Finding the Right Residential Architect

Residential beachfront Architecture in santa barbara house architect is a dream for many California homeowners. The right architect can make that dream a reality. Seeking the best professional for the job takes careful consideration, but the results are worth it. Customers should look for several qualities when selecting their ideal architect.

First, an architect should understand the styles of the region in which they build. People typically do not want Spanish Colonial Revival homes on the East Coast or Georgian style houses in the American Southwest. Tasteful, beautiful homes, while always designed to the specifications of the owner, must be congruent with regional architectural styles. The best architect will be able to merge the owner’s needs with a style appropriate to the location.


Great homes should both blend in and stand out, but only in the right ways. A home that is garish does not attract visitors, impress neighbors, or make the local homeowner’s association happy. A good architect will be able to meet neighborhood building regulations and negotiate where deviations are necessary. An excellent place to start the search is with architects who are locally educated. They are the most likely to understand the local housing market and the latest regional fashions.

Homeowners and architects enjoy more than an employer-employee relationship. They are often artistic collaborators in the design of a new home. Clients should look for architects who are enthusiastic about this collaboration. Working with an architect who wants to override a client’s ideas in favor of his own will make the process long and stressful. However, a good architect does not abandon his own artistic vision. The best in the field will help clarify their ideas while building on and perfecting the client’s ideas. They will present and explain floor plans, mock-ups, and models of the home at each major stage. This helps keep the design and its implementation as fast and cost-effective as possible.

For beachfront properties, safety is every bit as important as functionality or convenience. From the foundation up, an architect experienced in waterfront construction is absolutely vital. Firms like wilhelm architects have this sort of experienced staff. They can handle the special considerations of waterside locations, from structural integrity and raised foundations to plumbing and insulation.

Finally, the best architects will be equally qualified to design both the home and its interior. Many architects only specialize in the residence itself, leaving interiors to other designers. Hiring an architect who does both means clients get one set of estimates, one set of designs, and only needs to go to one place with questions or concerns. A beautiful home can be more than a dream for homeowners once they find architects with the right skills and knowledge.


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